Celebrating 30 Years- Thank You Dental Specialists

This next addition of our letters of gratitude is dedicated to all the specialist dentists with whom I’ve worked during the past 30 years.  Many years ago, I was taught that there are the four “R’s” for fixing teeth. They are Remove, Restore, Reposition or Refer! So, in other words, the buck stops with the specialist.  These are the doctors who take care of patients who have more difficult and unusual and complex problems.  The general dentist will ideally remain as the quarterback for his patients by coordinating his or her treatment with specialists as needed.   So a good working relationship between generalists and specialists is critical. Serving as the patient’s advocate by choosing appropriate and qualified specialists is an important aspect general dentist’s role.

A great specialist is one who is absolutely up to date in the care that is delivered. He or she is an excellent communicator and can explain what possible treatment options are available and/or necessary and why.   I have had the good fortune to work with many such specialists.  What follows is a list of these dentists by specialty who deserve the gratitude of both the patients and the dentists who referred them.


Laurene Wolf who is the orthodontist of our hygienist Maria and her husband

Frederic Sterritt and Richard D’Avanzo who have several offices in central NJ.  Dr. Sterritt was my daughter Meredith’s orthodontist

Rick Wright with whom I shared a small world moment as I was walking through the Louvre and who was my daughter Meredith’s orthodontist

Mary Richmond with whom I’ve worked on cosmetic cases and who sees patients in the Skillman and Princeton areas

Barry Rosenfeld who treated my wife Liz back in the 1980’s

Endodontists (root canals)

Annmarie Brennan and Raj Lall who have wonderful chairside manners and are very helpful in helping patients who have pain which is difficult to isolate, teeth with tricky curved or narrow canals, and saviors of those with acute pain.

Oral Surgeons

Robert Albin, Joel Efron and Alan Hecht who have offices in Hillsborough and Somerville.  I have worked with Dr. Albin since first opening in Hillsborough and all three of these doctors since their group formed back in the 90’s.  This group removed my daughter Meredith’s impacted wisdom teeth.

Kerry McKay whose untimely, recent passing is mourned by many friends and patients.  We’ll miss him.

Samuel Levine is located in Princeton and has provided excellent care for several of my patients.


David Goldberg with whom I work very closely on the majority of implants cases.  Dr. Goldberg is well liked and respected by patients and dentists alike for both gum issues and implants.  Dr. Goldberg has a gift in how he works with patients and provides excellent care

Tat Chiang and I have worked on patients together for years.  He is a part-time professor who is well abreast of current techniques and care.

Jean-Pierre Arnoux, Raoul Figueroa and John Lu are located in Lawrenceville and were trained at U. Penn.  I have been working with this group for for about 7 years and have had only positive feedback from patients.  They are a pleasure to work with.

Richard Staller is located in Princeton and has provided excellent periodontal care for patients.


I’d like to thank all of the doctors above and any who I may have inadvertently omitted for the excellent care which they have provided for my patients over the past thirty years.  All the best to you for a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy 2015!