New Sleep And Snore Device Offers Improvements

A new sleep and snore device called a MicrO2 was introduced nearly a year ago and it offers several significant improvements over appliances which have been most commonly prescribed in the recent past. This appliance is used to treat patients who have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as well as primary snoring.  We have been offering this appliance for the past few months and feel very positive about several of its features.

sleep and snore device

This product is similar to its predecessors in that it repositions the lower jaw in a downward and forward direction in order to maintain an open airway. As the jaw moves down and forward, the tongue and soft tissue at the back of the throat are also pulled forward so that they cannot fall back into the airway thus blocking the flow of air.   One of the major improvements of this appliance is that its intrusion into the tongue space is minimized.  Older appliances are more bulky in areas adjacent to the tongue and have a tendency to force the tongue further back into the airway – a counterproductive byproduct of older appliances.  By minimizing encroachment into the tongue space, less forward movement of the jaw is required to gain the same benefits. As a result, the appliance is more comfortable to wear and potentially more efficient in treating the primary cause of snoring and sleep apnea.

sleep and snore device

Similarly, because this appliance is milled from a different material, its thickness or bulkiness, if you will, is much less than that of its predecessors making it more comfortable to wear while not compromising its durability.  In addition, it has no movable parts like the adjustment screws in other similar appliances. As a result, the possibility of improper adjustment by the patient is eliminated and the appliance is further streamlined.

Another benefit of being digitally milled is that replacements as well as additional appliances for different jaw positions can be milled without the need for additional impressions. If an appliance should break or be lost, a replacement can easily be ordered from the laboratory at a reasonable cost with just a phone call. These appliances have a two-year warranty and are approved by the FDA.  And, did I mention that its cost is slightly LESS than previous such appliances?

Side effects which may be experienced by wearing these appliances remain the same as previous models. There may be gum or tooth soreness, which is easily adjusted and resolved by the dentist.  There may be an increase or decrease in salivation during the first few weeks of wearing the new appliance. These symptoms usually resolve by themselves within a couple of weeks. There may be jaw soreness or tightness especially when first placing the appliance; and, again, this symptom is usually temporary. On awakening in the morning, the bite will have changed overnight and generally resolves within an hour by gently squeezing the back teeth together. As with all procedures, if there are any issues, a call to the dentist will generally resolve the problem.

If you have any questions about the MicrO2 device please feel free to call our office at 908.359.6655 or via our website at