Does Your Posture Make You Look Older?

As we discussed in an earlier blog article, many people develop poor posture for one reason or another – sleep apnea (often undiagnosed), slouching over a desk, poor physical condition, etc.  Whenever we treat patients for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD), their posture must be addressed.  Simply by changing the position of a person’s head, the bite will change.  Try it for yourself.  Tap your teeth together while sitting or standing with your head level.  Now, tap the same way with your head tilted back and notice how differently the teeth meet.   Since a “bad” bite is the most common cause of TMD, the posture must first be “aligned” as we address the TMJ problem, and we do this using various techniques one of which will be highlighted in this article.

The simplest way that we employ to help correct the posture involves an exercise used to correct forward head position.  You may have read our earlier article about “Upper Crossed Syndrome” in which the head and neck are angled forward giving the appearance of “hunching” over.  Not only is this posture not proper for comfort and  physiology reasons, but people who carry themselves this way look older and less attractive.

 We ask our patients to address this posture problem while we are analyzing and treating their TMD problems by having them correct their hunching in this way:  Make believe that there is a string coming out of the top of your head.  Now see this string being pulled straight up so that you are being stretched taller.  Just sit or stand straighter, not military-style with the shoulders back, but just longer.  Finally, keeping your head level, tuck your chin back bringing your ears in line with your shoulders.  This exercise may be done during the day to help correct an acquired poor posture, while, at the same time, helping you to look younger and more “conditioned.”

Here is a link to a great video which demonstrates this exercise:

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This Labor Day Was Truly a Special One!

You may have noticed that our regular e-newsletter did not arrive last month. That’s because we were caught up in all of the last minute arrangements for my first daughter’s wedding…very exciting!  Rest assured that we will now be getting back on track with our regular newsletters and blog articles. And, I am very happy to report that the wedding was a huge success as I’ll share with you now!

Our family began gathering at my home on the Friday before Labor Day. It was wonderful to have the entire group together for this event.  They came from Arizona, Delaware, South Carolina, Scotland and even Australia!  Talk about multi-national!  We all then loaded up and moved to a hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Saturday for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  I don’t know if you are familiar with Williamsburg, but it’s quite the interesting, developing and hip place to be if you are among the sub-40 demographic.

The wedding took place on Sunday, September 1 and I had the pleasure of joining all the ladies including Liz and both of my daughters as they had their hair and makeup done in their swanky wedding apartment.  We had the chance to take a bunch of pre-wedding photos, and then all climbed into a stretch limousine to be taken to the bride’s eagerly awaiting groom for the “reveal” before ending at the park overlooking Manhattan where our photographs were taken.


A major highlight for me followed with a “second line parade” from the riverside park through Williamsburg to the wedding venue. There was a brass band which led our three-quarter mile procession through Brooklyn. It was amazing to watch all the by bystanders observe our procession with kids looking absolutely amazed and adults smiling, clapping and offering congratulatory applause. There was even a city bus driver who stopped traffic for us while he stood up behind his seat and danced to the brass band music! Wow!


Then came the wedding ceremony which, for me, rates up to there with watching the birth of my children. What a beautiful and emotional event! Adding even more significance was the officiating by the same Rabbi who married Elizabeth and me some ten years ago.

Following this ceremony was a reception which was filled with special little moments. There was a choreographed dance performed by the new bride and groom which was over the top. There were musical tributes sung by the groom and his brother–who have performed in various musical performances– to the Irish and Russian contingents.  There was absolutely no drama, and all in attendance seemed to genuinely enjoy the evening.

So, this was no usual wedding, and I am very proud of my daughter Meredith, a former event planner, and her new husband David who arranged the entire day. It is my sincere wish that each of you may enjoy such wonderful family times in the years ahead.  All the best to you and your families for a wonderful fall season!