Healthcare Versus Sickcare and the Mouth–Body Connection

Our current healthcare system should more aptly be named “ sick care.” It seems to me that the times are changing and we are at the beginning of a new kind of healthcare which might be called “Integrative Medicine.”

Integrative Medicine focuses on health and wellness rather than just the treatment of disease. Such “healthcare” is dependent on a different relationship between doctors and patients – including dentists. Patients are not just seen when treatment for illness is required. But, this kind of doctoring involves a closer relationship with each patient to determine the specifics of his or her current condition, risk factors, concerns, medical history, family history, nutrition, etc. In this way, the “whole person” is evaluated and using “alternative” medicine as well as traditional “evidence–based” medicine, appropriate personalized care can be provided. Wellness, rather than disease, is emphasized. Prevention rather than just treatment for illness is provided. Wellness and healing are the primary goals.

Did you know that a healthy mouth can add 7.5 years to your life?

From our dental perspective, you may notice some changes in the emphasis of our treatment. We’ll want to stay current with your overall health, the medicines which you are using and your goals for your desired level of well-being.

We hope provide you with adequate information so that you may better understand the interconnectedness of you your “oral” health and your “body” health. Such a relationship is referred to as the oral–systemic connection and explains the relationship between oral–dental health and various body systems’ health issues including:

  •         Heart disease
  •         Diabetes
  •          Pregnancy and childbirth issues
  •         Obstructive sleep apnea
  •         Oral cancer
  •         Inflammatory disease
  •          Nutrition and the ability to chew
  •         Chronic disease
  •         Emotional health and confidence
  •          Etc.

It is our intention to write a series of blog articles about the different connections between diseases of the various body systems and oral health. We will also ask your help by keeping us apprised of your current health and all medicines including non-–prescription supplements which you are taking. We will also, with your permission, keep your primary health professional abreast of your dental condition so that your overall wellness can better be served.

We will offer newer options for your care in our office including DNA testing to better determine your risks of developing chronic oral diseases which research has proven can have detrimental effects on your overall health. It is our goal to help you achieve a higher and more informed level of oral health that has been the norm during the first three decades of my practice of dentistry.

Feel free to ask us about anything “new” which you notice during your upcoming visits. We welcome your comments and thoughts on the subject. Feel free to call us at 908-359-6655 or via our website for questions and additional information. 

Why We Love Spring!

After this long winter, with its record setting low temps and more snow storms than we could handle, it’s safe to say that we are all ready for some warm weather.  For some of us, it’s not just the change in temperature that get us excited for spring, but the activities and life that comes with it. Some of the staff at Designs for Dental Health took a brief moment to share why we love spring. See our answers below!

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Dr. Nadler:

 “Spring is definitely my favorite season. Everything comes back to life, brown turns to green, flowers start to bloom and everyone comes out of their winter funk.  Spring also means that the golf season will soon be under way.  That REALLY makes me happy.  And, spring is when days are getting longer giving us more daylight to enjoy the outdoors and just be alive!  I love spring.”



“I love spring because it means the cold weather is almost gone. It’s great to see everything getting green again. And most of all it’s one step closer to Summer!”




 “I’m looking forward to spring because the weather is perfect.  It’s never too hot or too cold.  I can go on a bike ride with my family and spend more time being outside.”

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“I Look forward to Spring every year! Especially after cold, long winters. But like all the seasons I find beauty in them all..(Fall is my favorite)

I love the colors that pop up everywhere you look, from the green grass to the leaf buds beginning to grow. I love how the air smells fresher almost cleaner, and you can’t help but enjoy the rebirth of almost forgotten flowers.

The poor confused crocus can finally come up and enjoy the sunshine! I don’t suffer from allergies (knock wood) and when I smell fresh cut grass it invigorates me! I love to watch the tulips that my daughter and I planted awaken from their long hiatus. And my daughter loves to pick me daffodils almost every other day. She tells me it’s because she loves me. I sometimes smile and reminisce of the first pedals/flower heads she used bring me when she was a toddler(the poor things). We are all grateful she is a more skilled gardener now. I love how even the department stores have all the vibrant colors on display!  And of course the Easter dresses and bonnets for the little ones. What is not to love about Spring?  And yes the “Golf” it’s a promise I made to myself…to get back on the course this year…with my husband.”

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“I love spring not only because the temperatures are near perfect, but because the warmer weather allows me to get outside and go for long runs, spend time horseback riding, and work on projects outside. I also look forward to watching the trees and flowers slowly come back to life.”

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Why do you love spring? Let us know in the comments section below!!!