Our 30th Anniversary Hillsborough High School Scholarship

The holidays are behind us, the New Year is underway, and I hope that 2015 is progressing well for you. The one remaining detail from last year’s 30th anniversary celebration was to decide on the final details for our gift to the Township of Hillsborough. It is our way of expressing thanks for having been our host for the past 30 years.

scholarshipAs we had mentioned previously, the decision had been made to sponsor a scholarship for a senior graduating in the class of 2015. Last week we provided the final details of this scholarship to the guidance office at Hillsborough High School and it is my pleasure to share them with you today. This scholarship is offered to a graduating senior who will attend a four-year college or university. This student is one who intends to earn a bachelor of fine arts and who plans to pursue a career in the visual arts.

scholarshipYou may ask why would a dentist sponsor such a scholarship? Wouldn’t a career in medicine make more sense? Well, you may recall that I had originally begun a career in architecture and actually practiced this profession for a period of some ten years. One of the reasons that I chose architecture as my original career was because of my love of drawing and art. I have always had tremendous respect and admiration for those creative individuals who have the ability to express their imagination through the visual arts–whether it be on paper, canvas, film or in three-dimensional sculpture. So, I decided to help and encourage a potential young artist to begin his or her artistic development.


Students who wish to be selected for this scholarship are asked to provide two letters of recommendation. These letters may be written by their guidance counselor, art teacher or other person who they feel was influential in their choosing a career in the visual arts. In addition, these students will submit 2 examples of their artwork which will be displayed in our office this springtime.   I truly look forward to meeting these young people and witnessing the creative talents that each of them displays.   Naturally we will inform you when these works of art are available for public viewing.

I will be equally interested to read the letters of recommendation that the students provide. I can clearly recall teachers and employers from my youth who were so influential to me in choosing my original career as well as teaching me how to properly use my eyes. My early days of learning about art and architecture, as well as the time I spent drawing, will always remain as very fond memories.


So, thank you again to Hillsborough for being home to our office for the past thirty plus wonderful years.   I hope that in some small way this scholarship expresses the gratitude that our entire team has for the people of Hillsborough.   It is you wonderful people who have made coming to work each day so fulfilling and enjoyable.