Time to LOVE yourself!

Time to LOVE yourself!

by: Danielle Wright

In today’s society, it’s hard to imagine someone not “loving” themselves.  We have been taught that we are “owed” whatever we want, that we deserve it, etc… Well, not everyone has fallen into the trap of this “new American model”.

There are still those of us who constantly put others first, sharing of themselves, sometimes to their own detriment.  To you, I applaud you, and also am here to tell you to take some time for yourself!  I, too, am this person.  I, too, let my well of giving become empty because I’d rather give to someone else than myself.  Now – don’t get me wrong – it’s not because I don’t love myself, or am depressed, or self-deprecating.  It’s how I was raised, and how something I’ve really grown to love about myself – how much I have to give and share with others!

love-heartIf you’re anything like me, you forget to even schedule the smallest things for yourself (like going to the dentist… Thank Goodness for Dr. Nadler!), because other people’s needs are on the forefront of your mind and energy.  So let me share some things I’ve learned about making a BALANCE for myself – so I still feel healthy at all times, no matter how much of myself I’m giving with others.

Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and began some major life changes.  I had never really had to think or put effort into what I was eating, because I was on a constant “diet”, so it was always some low calorie bar or meal, full of preservatives and chemicals.  So not only was I eating Gluten, I was also eating tons of toxins.  The first thing my Doctor/Nutritionist and I talked about was that it was easier for me if I had foods “spelled out” of what I could and couldn’t eat – that’s where “Eat Right for Your Type” came in.  This book breaks food into THREE main categories – Fuel, Neutral, and POISON – and did that ever wake me up!  I was putting poison in my body – not just the processed foods I was eating, but natural foods that my body didn’t know how to breakdown in a healthy way.   Because of this, I was having to focus MUCH more on myself than I was used to, constantly thinking about what I had to make to pack for lunch, or the biggest one – BREAKFAST – I was so used to just grabbing one of those horribly processed bars and running to class/work.

Focusing on my eating started a tailspin of caring about ME!   Healthy/clean eating, more exercise, yoga, meditation, even investing in personal training!   All of these things I’ve invested in myself have made it easier to give of my time and energy to others – which to me is a WIN-WIN situation.

So, take care of yourself AS MUCH as you take care of others and you’ll have something left for you at the end of the day!