Dr. Nadler is writing a BOOK! Put your “2 Cents” in!

Have you always wanted to put your “2 cents” in on a book that was being written? ¬†Well, Dr. Nadler would love your help!

He is writing a book for dental patients with the working title of:

Transform Your Life With A Smile, The Book on Designing Life-Changing Smiles

Please use the comment space below to:

  • What topics you would you think would be of interest in such a book?
  • Are there any specific questions which you would like to see addressed?
  • And, Finally, how do you feel that a healthy and beautiful smile can impact your life?

To thank you for your invaluable input, Dr. Nadler will give each person who puts in their “2 Cents” with an autographed copy of the book!