A Dummy’s Guide to Healthy Aging?

September is Healthy Aging Month.

Healthy AgingWe have been thinking about what that means and how to best maintain and promote health as we age. To that end please enjoy this wonderful slideshow from beliefnet.com. These slides highlight ten tips for healthy aging and give suggestions on how to follow them. Here is a condensed version of their list:

10 Tips for Healthy Aging

  1. Eat good food – a no-brainer!!!
  2. Be physically active – or, you snooze and you lose…
  3. See your doctor and dentist regularly for prevention – I know, a shameless plug but oh so true!!
  4. Don’t smoke –period!
  5. Use common sense (wear your seatbelt, test your smoke detector regularly, travel with a friend, etc.).
  6. Avoid environmental extremes and wear sunblock when going out in the sun.
  7. Consume alcohol with a bit of self-control.
  8. Plan ahead for long-term financial and household needs.
  9. Stay active in your community and keep your friends and family close.
  10. Stay positive. Smile often. Laugh a lot!

For all of their tips and suggestions for healthy aging, please VIEW THE FULL SLIDESHOW HERE