What is the Golden Proportion?

Two quantities a and b are said to be in the golden proportion ? if:

Golden Proportion Formula

This number and the “Golden Ratio” has had amazing significance in art and design for at least 2400 years. The Parthenon, the most well known example of Greek architecture, displays this proportion in its façade. And the statues which resided in this temple are said to embody the golden proportion as well. This ratio is found in nature everywhere, and has been used by artists, architects, and mathematicians in a variety of ways.

Golden ProportionThe principles of golden proportion apply to the parts of the face as is discussed in the attached article concerning “human attractiveness.” It so happens that the golden proportion is used when we restore teeth as well. One very important element of a beautiful smile is the relative widths of each of the front teeth. The upper front teeth (the central incisors) are 1.618 times the width of their neighbors, the lateral incisors. And the canines behind the lateral incisors are .618 the width of the laterals as viewed from the front. If the proportionality rule is broken in the display of each tooth’s relative width to its neighbor, the esthetic result is severely compromised. In addition, there is a similar appropriate proportion relating the height to the width of each tooth. Teeth are supposed to be taller than they are wide. If they are too long or too short (think squarish) relative to their width, again they are not as esthetically pleasing to the eye as they could be.

There are other proportionality rules which we use to “design” our cosmetic restorations. Using the newer porcelain materials which are both strong and strikingly life-like, we can perform amazing smile enhancements which make patients smile – beautifully!

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NOTE: Originally posted February 14th, 2012